Now anyone can easily learn the Nashville Number System

“It’s as easy as 1-4-5”

Dial-A-Chord – The Easy Way to learn The Nashville Number System

Do you know your chords but don’t know how to make a professional number chart?

Dial-A-Chord will have you on the right road to playing like never before using the Nashville Number System!

Dial-A-Chord is an audio CD and visual guide that makes learning how to use the Nashville Number System fast, fun and easy. It’s convenient size makes it the perfect companion for gig bags. Transpose chords on any instrument. With a dial of the wheel, all the chords used in that key are easy to see. Using the numbers from Dial-A-Chord, you’ll be able to read or write a song chart like the professionals in any key without changing your chart!


The Dial-A-Chord includes:

  • Audio CD instruction of the Nashville Number System
  • The patented Dial-A-Chord Nashville Number System Wheel
  • A handy reference guide that explains your Dial-A-Chord, as well as how to read and write song charts (including Splits, Diamonds, Push and other symbols used in the Nashville Number System)

Regardless of your experience, Dial-A-Chord is just what you’ve been looking for!

To Order Your Dial-A-Chord, send Cash, Check or Money Order for $24.00 (includes US shipping). TN residents add $1.25 tax. US Dollars and US shipping, only.

Make checks payable to:

Douglas Corner Productions

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